I’ve talked about collaboration and its benefits a while ago. Let’s tackle another subject : Sharing your work with your peers and managing feedback.

Have you ever shown your work to a friend and got an enlightening advice that you would have never thought about otherwise ? How cool ? But then you got reluctant to apply the change because you already decided in your mind that you were finished with that piece and going back at it would feel like a torture. If you moved on to something else, you missed out on value.

All the great artist benefit from feedback at a point or another of their process. They all need extra eyes to make them see things they didn’t before. The sooner it happens, the faster they get to finish their piece.

I used to think that showing my work to other people before it’s finished would limit my capacity to find solutions by myself and I felt complaisant with feed backs that would come after I finished a piece. I believed these advice would come up next time…

Until I started the next piece and made the same mistakes all over again…

If you’ve got a friend who is laser focused on perspective errors, you should show him/her every piece while you’re working on them. And once you got those advice, fix the piece ! Go through that process. Go through you mistake. You will grow new skills every time ! You will enlarge your scope of vision.

Open yourself to letting other people make efforts for you !

This is not an easy habit to get into. Your brain will show resistance : The process of creating something is already hard enough to let other people add extra constraints on top of it all. But the results are there : Your piece will end up better and you will get there faster if you allow extra eyes during the process instead of waiting until you feel like you’re finished.

I would even go further and say that you should never feel like a piece is finished. If you go there, you’ll feel good, but you’ll stop growing and have a hard time accepting the change.

Change is what we all need as artists. Embrace it fully.


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